The Benefits Of Using Plastic Pallets


The use of plastic shipping pallets is a good alternative for you because it comes along with many benefits. Plastic pallets are found in a variety of types and footprints like stack-able, nest-able, rack-able, drum, fire retardant, and export pallets. They are good for warehousing, production and distribution applications. The reason why companies are switching to the use of plastic pallets is that they offer ergonomic, economic and environmental benefits. The first benefit of plastic pallets is improved efficiency. These kinds of pallets work best in a closed loop system because they can make more trips before they are recycled. Plastic pallets also go well with automated and conveying systems thus reduce chances of equipment jams.


The other benefit of plastic pallets is the reduction in product damage. The consistent support, durability and smooth molded design of plastic pallets gives a more stable scenario to ship and store your product. This, in turn, reduces damage levels. Plastic is not easy to dent, chip, warp, rot, rust or even splinter over time. Product cost levels are also low because there are no nails or missing boards. Plastic pallets are ideal for food applications. These plastic materials rarely absorb moisture, support the growth of mold, harbor insects or rodents. The designs in which they are made makes them easy to sanitize.  Know more about pallets at


The company plastic pallets are lightweight and easy to handle. The unavailability of nails, splinters or broken boards means that there can be no mishaps or injuries. Due to their increased stability of plastic pallets, they stack better and reduce the likelihood of harm due to pallet failure. Plastic pallets are a good alternative in countries that have prohibited the use of wood due to the invasion of insects. These plastic pallets are less costly compared to wood pallets.


Plastic export pallets offer increased aesthetics because they are available in smooth, contoured designs that make them suitable for displays of products and they are also attractive in the eyes of the customer. They can also be manufactured in a variety of colors and with identification if required. The other benefit of plastic pallets is that they are easy to recycle because they are 100% recyclable. A majority of manufacturers have recycling programs in their industries so that they can be reused to make other products. When fewer wood pallets are used, it signifies that the number of trees being cut down is small. From the above benefits of plastic pallets, they are the best alternative.